ONR Employee Benefit Association

To secure benefits for the Members, using its group purchasing power. Members can obtain better coverage terms at a lower cost than would be available on an individual basis.

Each organization or labour group is entitled to be represented by a Board Member per its constitution.

Administration: Payment through payroll deduction occurs in the following manner:

Ontario Northland Railway currently deducts payment from the cheque of the member or retiree, forwarding that amount to ONREBA’s Secretary/Treasurer, who then pays the necessary premiums to the Insurance Company involved.

ONREBA records are certified annually by an independent accounting firm and a financial statement is prepared for the ONREBA Board.

Information Update Form
Please note that updating your information with the ONR Main Office does not update your information with the ONR Employee Benefit Association. Please complete the Information Update Form, sign and date it and return to:
ONR Employee Benefit Association
P.O. Box 236
North Bay ON    P1B 8H2